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Who are We?

We are a pan-european Acting Company and School based  in Lyon.

We teach the Meisner technique and promote cultural exchange. Our teaching style uses a positive pedagogical approach influenced by Keith Johnstone and Bill Ball among others

A  Lyon based Anglo-French acting company formed by actors trained in  the Meisner Technique. We offer  weekly  and intensive  classes in Lyon , monthly Classes in  Brussels (B)  and Leeds(UK),classes, coaching as well as Master Classes  in Lyon (F), Valence (F) Strasbourg (F) Brussels (B) and Antwerp (B) and Leeds (U.K.) Coming soon… Amsterdam (NL)  all run by Keith.

We believe strongly in cultural exchanges and encourage our  actors to study in different cities in different countries for a broader experience. We teach in English , French, Dutch and German.

Our Projects this year(2015) include “Waiting For Godot” directed by Frank Totino in Leeds, Brussels and Lyon (perhaps Canada too) and a  exchange event between the pupils of Leeds City College  Kunsthumaniora  Brussels and M2M in Lyon. And a show in the Nexus Festival in Leeds featuring French and English students. We’ll also be doing short movies and plays in the Lyon area and beyond.

If this sounds cool to you and you’d like to find out more  or have us come and do a class then contact us  here  M2M or by telephone on  00336 1272 7861

Qui Sommes Nous?

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The Meisner Technique is a series of exercises  designed to focus your attention on your playing partner. Meisner’s intention  was to shift your focus from yourself and simultaneously put you in the present moment. Later, another set of exercises help you to understand what it means to live in the given circumstances provided by the text and your director. Finally a further set of techniques ( cold reading, text analysis etc  ) will help you to  make organic discoveries about the texts you have to play  and and also  just what those  given circumstances are. 

Ideally you’d study the technique with me over at least a two year period (like Meisner’s own classes) but I also know that when you’re a regular working actor or hard working amateur actor that kind of commitment can be difficult. I think this explains the popularity of my one week and two week intensive courses : they give you a great intro to the technique showing  you all the steps, provide you with new tools you’ll take away with you that will lie comfortably with most other training you’ll have done and finally show you the way forward in the technique should you wish to pursue it further. I know I did…and then some.

That then is the Meisner Technique  except it’s much more than that which is why I love teaching it.

The Meisner Technique



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